Dr. Saeid Havakeshian


PhD, MSc Mechanical Engineering, Energy and Turbomachinery Domain (ENSAM Paris 1985)


BSc Mechanical Engineering Pahlavi University
(Shiraz-Iran February 1978)

Saeid Havakeshian or Saϊd Havakechian?

The translation of my name into other languages is not straight forward. In my official Iranian passport my name and family name has been translated as “Saeid Havakeshian”. 

However, during my time in France, I tended to write my name and family name according to a French style of writing, e.g.
“Saϊd Havakechian” and this remained and was used during almost the entire part of my professional career.

Therefore, both versions “Saeid Havakeshian” and “Saϊd Havakechian” are correct and refer to the same person. 

Industrial and Academic Experience

Over 42 years of industrial and academic experiences in axial and radial flow turbine designs.

Last Industrial Position

Aerodynamic Design Expert

1986 - 2017
31+ years of working experience for 
BBC, ABB, Alstom & GE - Switzerland      


a)  27+ years:  Steam Turbine R&D Aerodynamics
b)  4 years:     Turbochargers, Axial & Radial Flow Turbines R&D      


1984 - 1986

2 Years of working experience at the French Generating Board Research Center (EDF – DER Chatou – Paris, France)